Friday, January 25, 2008

The Bib

I just found this charming spring dress at for just $22.00.

The bib bodice is something I'm fascinated with. It is reminiscent of menswear during the frontier days, as well as baby bibs. The juxtaposition of youth and masculinity on something as visually feminine as a mini dress makes this design detail a defining element of style, and a great example of simplicity in fashion.

The slight gathering of fabric around the bib cinches the fabric around the bust so as to create a very attractive, and slimming A-line dress shape. This effect also works on tops; consider it an upgrade from the babydoll.

I'd get this dress, but the cap sleeve is one of the most unattractive sleeves available; the lantern sleeve is perhaps the worst - STAY AWAY!

Monday, January 21, 2008


In a market where the formless tunic/babydoll/empire dress continues to rule the racks, it is refreshing to find something that breathes comfort and presents the female body in all its glory.

This 100% silk dress by Fremont is perfect. The short sleeves are at a length that hides the most unflattering part of the arm, and for those of us who are quite self conscious about our less than toned arms, short sleeves are a must.
However, body image issues are not a requirement for enjoying this dress.
The collar to front ruffle gives this dress just the right amount of girlish whimsy, without making you appear like a pixie.
The band around the waist is super flattering and a nice departure from the babydoll form, which quite frankly just makes everyone look pregnant. I understand the comfort women find in the babydoll, but you can eat a cheeseburger in this dress too without having to let your waist disappear under 4 inches of unnecessary fabric. The length of this skirt does for the legs what the sleeves do for your arms. It ends right below the widest part of your thighs, exposing nothing but sexy slender legs.
Ladies, love your body, but more importantly love your body in this dress!
$177.45 [marked down from $273.00] available now at

Sunday, January 20, 2008 is an online store that is a division of Eminent, Inc. a California based trade service that prides itself on "selling high end products at discount prices". That motto holds true for Just browse through the list of brands they stock up on and you'll see that they have everything from Acne to Grey Ant, to Trovata. currently has 4000 items on Sale and Free 2-3 day shipping!
I don't think I need to tell you more for you to hit the link.

But if you require a little more persuading, here are some of the great discounted items you won't be able to resist:

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shopping Journal Entry #2

Built By Wendy
7 Centre Market Pl

I visited Built By Wendy for their end of the season sale. This is a label that I have a lot of issues with. I understand that the motto behind this label is simplicity, however the construction of the shirts are too simple to be priced so high. And each season, there is little variation in design. While I was at the register I browsed through the Spring/Summer collection, and sure enough they had the same exact shirt designs from the fall/winter collection, just available in a different fabric. If the shirts actually fit well, then perhaps I would not find this method so distasteful. But they don't. Most of the shirts are tunics or pullovers, designs that lack any real tailoring or concept of the female form. So why continue to produce more of something that just doesn't work.
Purchasing a shirt for $155 at Built By Wendy seems even more ridiculous when Ms. Wendy Mullin will sell you the simple pattern used for making that shirt at just $14.95.
"Built By You"

The dresses are also very plain in construction, except for some overwhelming pleating or draping on the sleeves.
All in all, Built by Wendy is designed for a select few. Perhaps a middle schooler looking for a sophisticated and flouncy satin dress [that is cut to appease her prepubescent body] to watch Gossip Girl in; or grown women easily attracted to pretty fabrics.

Despite all this, I am still a fan of Wendy's. She has some very attractive and sensible designs, a keen eye for fabric and an awesome t-shirt line. I ended up purchasing this slightly overpriced American Apparel tee [$35] for the screen work.

Oak Sample Sale
cash only, final sales
Bond St & Lafeyette

One day too late. I arrived at the new Oak store on Bond St. the day after its grand [sample sale] opening. I could already tell that some great pieces and accessories were plucked from the racks. No worries though, the store is still fully stocked, though all the [hipster] checkered scarves were purchased within hours of the store's opening.
The store is currently still in a makeshift state. The windows are covered with pages from the Oak catalogue and the register is hidden behind large pieces of cardboard. As I was shopping, the manager announced that they would be getting a store mirror in 2 hours.
The dressing rooms were up and running, and women where trying on armfuls of Neal Sperling.

I walked away with Oak's Fall '07 Broaklyn Tee for just ten bucks.

I definitely recommend stopping by this sample sale, especially with United Bamboo and Acne dresses marked down to $130.

Happy shopping.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Do not miss out on the huge Ralph Lauren sale going on now. Everything from signature polos to their Blue Label collection is marked down.

Get the most attractive plaid you'll ever find
now 60% off 
Ralph Lauren Blue Label

This ornate leather belt is eye catching but skinny enough to not be overwhelmingly cowboyish. It's perfect for complimenting a pair of dark denim jeans.


other irresistible sale items from

Monday, January 14, 2008

Spring '08 Fashion

Today's dreary weather has provided me with a chance to browse the spring ready to wear fashion shows at

Show Favorites:

3.1 Philip Lim does a perfect pencil skirt

If you can't wait for the new spring collection to become available, get the look now with fcuk's gold high waisted pencil skirt


Alexander McQueen

Alexander Wang

Build your own version of this look easily with any oversized white blouse, leather belt, and a fitted black skirt. The key to making this outfit work is in the skirt. Find one that fits perfectly above your natural waistline and is made of a stiff enough material so that it hides the bunching of the shirt underneath, especially around the tummy.

Try these items from Old Navy to create the same look for $1000 less.
1. men's white short sleeve shirt, one size too big
2. leather belt
3. black a-line mini skirt

United Bamboo knows how to liven up a boring pair of khaki shorts with a simple button up t shirt in shimmery gold. Talk about expanding your color palette!

Luella creates a hip t shirt dress. If you have breasts, I recommend you steer clear from this dress form because you will most likely not achieve the perfect a-line shape seen on the runway. This dress design is for the slender bustted.

As you can see, I am looking forward to warmer weather so that I may begin sporting geometrically conscious dresses, shirts, and skirts in my new favorite spring colors: gray, white, black, and of course GOLD.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

how skinny/high can you go?

10 inch ankle
by j brand

[photo c/o]

skyscraper jean by cheap monday

[photo c/o]

Finding the perfect skinny jean is quite the challenge.
Many times the leg of the jean will be too loose from the calf to the ankle, while the low cut waist is tight creating the very unattractive love handle effect, along with ass crack exposure. If you are lucky enough to have 0 fat around your hips, you'll be able to enjoy J Brand's ultra skinny ankle jean without any discomfort or embarrassment. For those of us who have a less than "perfect" body, I recommend a high waist stretch jean. Not necessarily one as high as the Cheap Monday pair pictured above, but if the jean sits a little above the natural waistline you will get a much slimmer and firmer silhouette than from low cut jeans, especially around the tummy.
Stretch is not always necessary, but it will allow you to compromise the waist size for the hug around the legs. With little time, the waistline of the jeans will stretch to the perfect fit. If you worry the leg of the jean will stretch too much, it would be wise to consider buying a size smaller than your usual size, especially when it comes to Cheap Monday and Levi's.

I personally enjoy the high waist corset jeans by California based Milkyway Jean Co available for $37 at Mystique Boutique in Soho. They are cheap, and cheaply made, which means they will fall apart. But before they do, they are quite possibly the best fitting jeans I've ever worn. The xssml sizing implies a lot of stretch, so if you're a 7/8 get a small.

Happy shopping.